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CAT Security System offers a complete range of DAHUA 4K 4MP HD IP CCTV systems for homes and business premises in Melbourne. We assure you that your premise will be protected by an efficient security system that we will provide you. We not only install advanced equipment like IP CCTV systems, but also show you how to use it and how to get the ultimate benefit out of it.

CAT Security Systems we have trained and skillful technicians who have been working in securing houses with security systems in Melbourne for years. They have the required experience and knowledge one seeks from a technician of CCTV Melbourne. We will be helping you in deciding which type of security system is ideal for your property.

In our company we have facilities of offering services of security assessment. We can perform a thorough inspection over your property absolutely free of cost. Our CCTV Melbourne has a clear and detailed view along with real-time monitoring options. We are giving you systems that are giving you opportunity to monitor your premises remotely from your Smartphone through an app. All you need to do is to log in to our secured network.

Using our IP CCTV systems, in your commercial premise, you can:

  • Prevent theft and fraud
  • Boost productivity of your employees
  • Keep an eye on your customers
  • Control different processes
  • Provide tours of your business premise remotely
  • Assure your customers that your property is secure
  • Improve your delivery services and customer service
  • Resolve OH&S issues
  • Make your premises more secure for your workforce
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